JPM Krowki - Cream Fudge | Producer of polish traditional cream fudge
Cream fudge producer from Poland
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Krówka Popularna


Krówka Mix


Original Cream Fudge


Original Cream Fudge Tin


Our long experience in the Private Label allows us to provide the clients with wide range of services, tailored to the individual product. Along with the quarantee of premium quality confectionery, JPM offers design consultancy and personalised image of the products which reflects the company’s positioning within the market.

Private label creates  outstanding sales opportunities while maintaining their marketing and distribution independence.

We are always ready to assist our clients in projecting new labels and packaging, adjusted to their preferences.


JPM is a family business that started its operations in 1992. We specialise in production of traditional sweets, and most notably fudge sweets made from our unique recipe.

We continuously work on maintaining the highest quality and outstanding taste of our products. Thanks to this our sweets taste the same as 20 years ago. At the same time we have developed the production process to meet the current standards.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs with the greatest sensitivity. Over the past 20 years we have sold our products to clients in Poland as well as abroad.


JPM s.c.

Jolanta Pierzak, Radoslaw Pierzak

ul. Modrzewiowa 46B
26-001 Masłów Pierwszy


tel: 413110886

fax: 413110886

tel: 609543557

Export / Private Label:
Radoslaw Pierzak

mob: / whatsapp: 0048600554478


PW JPM s.c. jest beneficjentem w ramach programu POIG, działanie 6.1 “Paszport do Eksportu”

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